Anonymous said: What is the best way to start a threesome

You should find two volunteers

mowinky said: Love your blog :) HOT & Sexy

Thanks! Love you people ;)

Anonymous said: hi

Hi! H r u?

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Anonymous said: How would I know if I am bi...? how would it happened the first time and how do I even ask someone

Hi! Thanks for sharing what you are worried about!
I guess the first question is easy to answer:

You just should look inside yourself, I mean, what do you feel when you see someone who you identifies as sexy. Do you feel attracted to him/her*?(doesn’t matter if it is sexual or romantic attraction). It’s easy to know but hard to accept… (talking about my own experience)

For me, if you feel 50% attracted to women and 50% attracted to men you are as much bisexual as someone who feels attracted 90% men / 10% women (or viceversa). But it depends of your own perception.

About sexual vs. romantic attraction: I think it just depends on the person who you are looking at. You don’t love every single person of the other sex. You don’t want to go to bed with everybody you see. So why should it be different for the same sex?

My advice?
Don’t be shy, fantasize, it’s normal, it’s ok, everyboy have fantasies.
The worst thing that you could ever do is to live your whole life with this question living inside you
You living a gay dream doesn’t mean that you are gay/bisex/whatever, ok? Just experiment with your own humanity! At the end, you could find yourself figuring out that you are straight, and this will just be a funny memory, who knows? ;) 
Hope to be helpful for you! <3

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ofp88 said: Has this always been your blog name or did you change it?

Hi! Mmm I didn’t change it actually but originaly it was just “sexwithoutprejudice” and then I splitted it into the different sections (Men / Women / Trans / Hetero / Lesbian / Gay / Bisex-Pansex)

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Anonymous said: heyyyy babby

Hey sweetie ;)